Meanwhile the knives of ambition are stirring
down there in the darkness behind my eyes,
and I should go inside now to my desk and my pages.

from The Hummingbird, Mary Oliver

Thirty Poems by Jehane Markham

What will you find here? A number of things.
Mr. Cung of Phnom Penh, 'Tailleur, Home et Dame'; the World Trade Center's 'twin towers of panic and boredom'; the sea washing its sheets; sunlight making 'a plaid of gold, wind and smoke': things brought home to the rag and bone shop of the heart and made welcome; become manageable, lovable even, without ceasing to be themselves in all their strangness and grandeur.

Gillian Allnutt.

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Twenty Poems by Jehane Markham
Jehane Markham is a woman whose poetry reflects her interest and concern with the ordinary domestic things of life, explored with a passionate respect for poetic form.

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She has an unselfish gift - her subject is usually other people rather than herself, other people seen through loving eyes, other people lost and mourned with open-hearted grief. These are moving, beautiful poems.
Adrian Mitchell

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