Our aim is to delivery poetry in a clear and accessible manner that is easy to understand and enjoy. We are concerned with honouring the text through an integration of rhythm, metre and rhyme and the human voice.

Roger Lloyd Pack reads John Keats

Two pack audio cassette containing twenty-six poems including the famous odes, To a Nightingale, To Autumn, To a Grecian Urn as well as Isabella, St. Agnes Eve and La Belle Dame sans Merci, and other less well known, but equally brilliant poems. Listen to A Song About Myself for a funky delivery.

Running time: 100 minutes
Two pack audiocassette 9.99    ISBN 0-9536583-0-9
Available at most Waterstones and other bookshops or direct from Rough Winds

An easy crispness of enunciation guides the listener through the poems. Full marks for a brave and fine product.
The Guardian  11 December 1999

Roger Lloyd Pack reads William Blake

Two pack audiocassette containing sixty-five poems. All of Blake's most famous poems including the entire sequence of Songs of Innocence and Experience, Auguries of Innocence, and And did those Feet in Ancient Time. The Godfather of poetry recorded for the first time by the sonorous, soothing voice of Roger Lloyd Pack.

Running time: approx 90 minutes
Two pack audio cassette 9.99    ISBN: 0-9536583-3-3

My Mother Myself

Both poets write about the extraordinary happenings of everyday life but each has a distinctive tone and style. Olive's work draws inspiration from nature and people and their lives and has a lyrical simplicity. Jehane's work reflects a darker vision, and bears the concerns of the post war generation.

A single tape featuring Olive Dehn on Side 1 and Jehane Markham on Side 2
Running time: approx. 47 minutes
7.50      ISBN 0-9536583-4-1

Vladivostok to Moscow

An original composition recorded by JMT, it evokes images and memories inspired by a seven-day train journey on the Trans Siberian railway across the length of Siberia. Drawing on the sound-worlds of contemporary gypsy jazz, Russian folk and classical music, this is harmonious jazz with integrated speech and song rhythms adding structure and form to a dream-like narrative.

Running time 37.16

The London Series CD

The London Series is a collection of jazz-poems inspired by a life lived in the capital. The poems are juxtaposed by sections of prose, underscored by double bass and piano.
A hybrid of words and jazz about love and London from a personal perspective, the piece was recorded at The Lodge Studios in 2009. The first in The London Series, this elliptical narrative pays homage to different parts of North London as well some of the writers who once lived there.
Part memory, part fiction, this is an energetic composition with a blues feel.

Running time: 20.6; also Frank Sinatra (3.47) and The Rainy Season (3.49)

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