Rough Winds Productions
Established in 1999 by actor Roger Lloyd Pack and poet Jehane Markham to promote the production of poetry and the spoken word.
Roger Lloyd Pack and Jehane Markham

Roger Lloyd Pack and Jehane Markham

A poet must have... the ear of a wild Arab listening in the silent desert, the eye of a North American Indian tracing the footsteps of an enemy upon the leaves that strew the forest, (and) the touch of a blind man feeling the face of a darling child.
Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The idea for Rough Winds Productions grew out of our sense of frustration at what was on offer at that time in the poetry audio world. We were looking for an audiotape of John Keats poetry to listen to and could not find one that was satisfactory.

We decided that Roger should record a tape, exploiting his wide ranging verse-speaking experience as well as capitalising on his fame as Trigger, which was occasionally burdensome, from the television sitcom 'Only Fools and Horses', and turn it to good use, for the sake of attracting more people towards poetry.

So in 1999 he recorded a selection of the works of John Keats and we promoted it, initially, as 'Trigger reads Keats'. At the time, Roger was touring the UK with a production of Yasmina Reza's play, Art, and so was able to distribute copies of the tape to Waterstone's and other bookshops in the provinces as well as giving promotional readings.

The tape was such a success that we produced two more in the series: Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Blake.

We also recorded a tape of mother and daughter poets, Jehane Markham and Olive Dehn, reading their work, entitled My Mother, Myself.

Around about 2004 it became clear that audiotapes were giving way to CDs, and that factor, coupled with an unhelpful re-structuring of Waterstone's marketing policy, made it the last tape we produced.

Rough Winds also produced Hermes, a jazz opera - book and lyrics by Jehane Markham, music by Pete Letanka, at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in 2006.

Projects in development:
John Keats a re-issue of Roger Lloyd Pack reads John Keats on CD
Sisters a short film, screenplay by Jehane Markham

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